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Log on to www.charmsoffice.com
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Your student ID number is your WVEIS/Lunch/School ID number
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Bridgeport High School
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BHS Band Patrons
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Congratulations to the Symphonic Band for earning a SUPERIOR rating at the Region 10 Band Festival.

View scores and comments here.



ABU Honors Wind Ensemble Recordings

































Our Mission

The Bridgeport High School Department of Music offers a variety of educational arts programs. These programs are dedicated to providing the youth of our high school and community with the means to develop life skills, musical skills, performance skills, build character, teach responsibility and foster teamwork while cultivating the talents of tomorrow’s leaders.


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Our Student Delivery Program is now available for online ordering on Bandland’s Website.  This is designed for students/parents to purchase and pay online for supplies.  We have listed all of the most popular supplies that students typically need to order.  This will allow the parent to initiate the order and pay online with the shopping cart feature, with the option for school delivery.

We also still have the printable order forms for those of you who prefer that method.  We are in hopes that you will share the information and send your students to Bandland’s Website for more efficiency.  Hopefully this will make it simple for your students to have the supplies they need.

Also on the page is the “Permission Form to Send Instrument to Bandland for Repair.”  We are requiring this form to be in the case for all privately-owned instruments sent in from your school that are picked up by Mike Ford.  This helps to protect the director as well as assist Bandland with the process.  This works just as it has in the past.

You can access the Student Delivery Program page at the link below.