The Bridgeport High School Department of Music offers a variety of educational arts programs. These programs are dedicated to providing the youth of our high school and community with the means to develop life skills, musical skills, performance skills, build character, teach responsibility and foster teamwork while cultivating the talents of tomorrow’s leaders.


The Frontline is a team of athletes who perform choreographed dances and routines with various equipment to enhance and interpret the music of the marching band show. They use various equipment including, flags, non-functioning rifles, and other props. 
They perform using their equipment (flag, rifle, prop, etc.), and emotional connections (facial expressions and dance and sometimes voice) to the audience to enhance the meaning and feeling of their show.  
The Frontline performs as part of the marching band for all events. During marching band competitions, the Frontline adds to the overall score of the band and can be judged in many categories including but not limited to: visual effects, auxiliary, and color guard.