The Bridgeport High School Department of Music offers a variety of educational arts programs. These programs are dedicated to providing the youth of our high school and community with the means to develop life skills, musical skills, performance skills, build character, teach responsibility and foster teamwork while cultivating the talents of tomorrow’s leaders.


Guitar is designed to offer basic, but intensive, training in the playing of the standard six-string acoustic guitar. This guitar class is designed for high schools students who want to learn to play the guitar and have the opportunity to participate in music performance. This class is for students with no previous guitar experience. The student will learn to read music notation, perform basic chord progressions, and play exercises and short pieces alone and in ensembles. Besides learning to note read and develop the necessary technical skills needed to play the guitar, students will learn the essentials of music theory, improvisation and composition. Listening to guitar music and discussing the guitar’s role in music of the past and present are also components of the course. Although all types of music will be heard and played, this course is not a “rock and roll” guitar class. The students will learn to play solos and in ensembles utilizing a variety of styles, including folk, pop, blues and rock. This class will offer both group and individualized instruction and assessment including both supervised and individual practice.